Below is an area map of all 38 trailhead locations (click to enlarge). 

area map 1st revised

Why run or hike on trails?

Paved concrete paths are easy to find in Denver and are usually crowded and not very scenic. Unpaved trails provide numerous benefits to hikers and runners: 

- because of increased shock absorption, soft surface trails are more forgiving than concrete or asphalt, resulting in fewer injuries

- you breathe unpolluted air and receive shade from trees and other live vegetation

- the sights, sounds, and smells of nature make trails interesting for kids and adults alike

- exercising away from pavement and in green space is known to boost mental health

- the constant slight changes in surface, elevation, and pace are better for your body

- instead of traffic and stoplights you will encounter wildlife and solitude 

In the words of trail runner Steven Bragg (in his 2004 book Run the Rockies), “Once you try trail running, not only will you not go back to road running, but you may find yourself avoiding it at all costs.” 

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