Are you looking for family-friendly hiking in the Denver area? Have you wondered where you can bring your jogging stroller on a moderate run?

Published in November 2013 and updated in February 2014, this 120-page guide book contains the best family-tested trails in and around Denver, complete with detailed information on distance, elevation, trail width & surface, and other useful tidbits. Most routes feature playgrounds nearby and many have trailhead picnic tables, while others include rivers or wetlands. All of them are soft surface trails wide enough for a double stroller. 

The revised 1st edition of the book features:

✹ 38 trailheads around 40 minutes drive time from downtown Denver

✹ unpaved trails with a gravel, dirt, or forest floor surface 

✹ trails with gentle slopes to avoid drastic elevation changes

✹ trails with a minimum of roots, rocks, ruts, and sand

✹ over 150 color photographs showing each trail throughout the seasons 

This guide book beckons active parents to run, stroll, hike or bike together with their kids (and dogs) while breathing clean air and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature, away from concrete and pavement.

© Chris Sekirnjak 2015